Botticino Classico marble

Internationally certified quality

Botticino Classico marble has unique and inimitable qualities and represents a material which has become synonymous with purity and elegance. It has also defined all other materials with similar qualities.

Thanks to a history which stretches back centuries and its uniqueness Botticino Classico marble embodies ideal classical qualities and is now a permanent reference point in the world of marble production.

Employed to enrich architectural masterpieces all over Italy, this fine marble, extracted from Brescia’s surrounding hills, is recognised world-over as an outstanding material quarried by men whose skills and art has been passed down by their forefathers.


Origin and features

The geological formation of the Brescian Eastern Prealps originated in the Mesozoic period. Through a slow process of sedimentation which began about 205 million years ago, carbonate platforms formed in a tropical inland sea environment of shallow waters. Botticino Classico is extracted from the top layer of the geologic formation called Corna, which is derived directly from carbonate mud sedimentations. Rocks emerging from the marble basin are sedimentary in origin. Their carbonate nature is the result of a diagenesis of marine deposits such as mud and organic and inorganic elements.

Botticino Classico is the last remaining proof of the existence of a carbonate platform in the province of Brescia. Either found in solid form or in metre long beds separated by clay joints, its lithology is mainly a cementation of compact lightly coloured limestone, which varies in tone from white through to ivory with hints of chestnut. The rock has thin chestnut coloured stylolites almost parallel to the sedimentation level.

Samples of Botticino Classico marble

  • Polished Botticino Classico marble
  • Bush-hammered Botticino Classico marble
  • Scratched Botticino Classico marble
  • Blunt and polished Botticino Classico marble

An extremely compact carbonate rock, it has low levels of water absorption and porosity, excellent mechanical qualities such as shock and wear resistance, even after undergoing freezing-unfreezing cycle texts. Strong, elegant, stunning in colour and easy to work, Botticino Classico is universally recognised as an excellent marble suitable for a wide variety of applications as well as for both internal and external use.

Physical-Mechanical Characteristics

Tests performed at the Laboratorio di Petrografia Applicata del Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Parma University.

Realdensity (UNI EN 1936, January 2001) 2710 Kg/m3
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (UNI EN 13755, December 2002) 0.14%
Compression strength (UNI EN 1926, December 2000) 183 MPa
Compression strength after alternated freezing-unfreezing cycles (UNI EN 1926, December 2000) 164 MPa
Real Flexural strength under concentrated load (UNI EN 12372, April 2001) 12,7 MPa
Flexural strength under concentrated load after alternating freezing-unfreezing cycles (UNI EN 12372, April 2001) 12,9 MPa
Abrasion resistance (UNI EN 14157, October 2004) 20,0 mm

In the chart are highlighted the main chemical elements in percentage presents in average in the Botticino Classico.

Percentage 45,95 50,71 2,47 - 0,10 0,04 0,17 0,02 Traces


safety, quality and environment

Thanks to its constant commitment in the care for quality, for safety and for the environment, as acknowledgement of e orts made in improving the whole production system, in 2016 Cooperativa Operai Cavatori del “Botticino” was audited and found to be in accordance, for each of its three operative units, with the requirements of the management system standard OHSAS 18001: 2007 n. It267739/uk, ISO 9001: 2015 n° it267701 e ISO14001: 2015 n°it267746/uk.


The collective mark of origin

“Marmo Botticino Classico”

Cooperativa Operai Cavatori del Botticino, co-founder of the Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers, was involved in registering the mark of Origin of Botticino Classico Marble, the first mark of origin to be registered in the stone-working market, with a view to enhancing the identity of Botticino Classico marble. The “Marmo Botticino Classico” Collective Mark guarantees the provenance of the marble, certifies the unique quality of the material and the workmanship, and controls sales of the product.